Using WhatsApp May Be Leaking Your Personal Data Information

WhatsApp is at the beginning of messaging apps these days. It does avowal over a billion users afterwards all.

Now with those billion users additionally appear a billion altered bodies to drudge into.

Thankfully WhatsApp anchored that botheration somewhat by abacus end-to-end encryption to all conversations. This gave the users some affinity of aloofness and security.

Spring a Leak?

However, assertive scenarios can’t be disqualified out. What if WhatsApp itself leaks admired claimed information, admitting the encryption measures in place?

Turns out that the app did absolutely aperture your abstracts in a antecedent adaptation of WhatsApp (back in June). YouTube user Colin Hardy apparent the issue:

To abridge the affair for everyone, Whatsapp can potentially aperture data, with the botheration laying with web previews. This is back you blazon in a website in your WhatsApp chat and a examination (snippet) shows up aloft your bulletin as you type. Most users adulation that and it’s a advantageous affection as well.

How WhatsApp Leaks Your Data information

As you’re typing, WhatsApp will accelerate queries through your IP abode anon to the website.

Lets say you’re accounting in WhatsApp will accelerate a appeal anon through your IP abode (the appeal is traceable) to the website in catechism (YouTube in this case).

Despite actuality end-to-end encrypted, WhatsApp will aperture your IP abode into the wild.

So if addition awful seems to be watching your activity, they can anon trace your IP through WhatsApp’s query.

How Twitter Avoids This Problem

Normally requests are beatific through the service’s own servers. Twitter, for example, sends website queries through its own server instead of anon application your IP address. The articulation itself is beatific in the anatomy of apparent argument to the server which again requests for a examination application its own IP instead of application yours.

Fortunately WhatsApp afresh got adapted so they may accept anchored the issue. We’re currently testing to see if the botheration still persists. Until then, it is advisable to not allotment links until WhatsApp clearly clarifies its attitude on this aegis issue.

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