Now You Can Share Any Type of File on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the adopted burning messaging app for millions of bodies common but it lacked one basal affection as simple as administration all types of files over it. It did acquiesce some added boilerplate files such as PDFs, Word Documents or spreadsheets but files like APKs, RARs and added were not allowed.

However, a few weeks ago WhatsApp accustomed all file formats to be beatific over it, admitting in its latest beta adaptation only. But now anyone can, acknowledgment to its latest abiding release.

All File Formats

The new amend will now acquiesce you to accelerate files of any format.

However, there is a admeasurement absolute on how huge your beatific files can be. WhatsApp on Android will acquiesce file administration as continued as the admeasurement of the file is beneath 100MB admitting iOS will acquiesce up to 128MB in size.

Before this update, alone a few file formats were accurate for music, images and documents.

Without a doubt, the new affection will add added amount to the app and will acquiesce it to attempt with its added agnate burning messaging apps which already had this affection for a while such as Telegram. Although Telegram has abundant beneath users on its belvedere though.
Download it Now

You can download the latest adaptation of WhatsApp on Android from here and on iOS from here.

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