How To Install Vesta Control Panel on Ubuntu


Vesta is an accessible to use accessible antecedent web hosting ascendancy console that currently supports Ubuntu Linux (12.04 LTS, 13.04,13.10, 14, 16 and ), Debian 7, CentOS (5, 6 and 7), and RHEL (5 and 6). It packs a agglomeration of appearance by absence to acquiesce you to host and administer your websites with affluence on your VPS

Once you accept your basic server up and running, login via ssh with the user you created while configuring your droplet. If you adjudge to log in as root, you can leave out the “sudo” command in all of the afterward commands.

Seeing that we accept a new VPS running, go advanced and brace the amalgamation indexes:

sudo apt-get update

Now may also be a good time to upgrade any packages that might need it:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

2. Install Vesta

Next, we download the Vesta installation script:

curl -O

After which we run this script:

sudo bash

The install script shows us some information on the software that will be installed:

Press “y” and “enter” to advance with the installation.

You will be prompted to admission a accurate email address. Be accurate to admission an abode you accept admission to and double-check the abode you entered for any accounting errors, back you will not be prompted to affirm it. Vesta will use this abode to try to accelerate you your login credentials. Don’t anguish if you accept entered the abode incorrectly. All the advice you will charge will be displayed in the terminal window afterwards installation, and you will be able to change the admin email abode as anon as Vesta is installed.

Upon completion, you will be presented with the afterward information:

Take agenda of the address, username, and password. You will charge it to log in to the ascendancy panel.


If you gave the users sudo access, you ability appetite to set that up afresh appropriate now, back the Vesta accession overwrites the sudoers.tmp file to add some configurations. You can apprehend about ambience up sudo admission in footfall four on the page.

If you don’t like the countersign that Vesta generated for you, you will be able to change it already you are logged in [or you can run the afterward command at any time]:

sudo /usr/local/vesta/bin/v-change-user-password admin NEW_PASSWORD

Just alter NEW_PASSWORD with the countersign you would like to use for the admin user. The aloft command is additionally accessible to displace your password, should you anytime lose it.

Now that Vesta is installed, open your browser and go to the address that Vesta gave you in step two. If you didn’t take note of it, the address will be as follows:


Notice that the URL starts with https:// and not http://. This agency that we are accessing Vesta over a defended connection. This defended (SSL) affiliation needs a affidavit on the VPS to use for accepting the abstracts transport. Since we accept not set up any certificates yet, an bearding server generated affidavit is used, which is why you will get a admonishing bulletin from your browser agnate to the one in the afterward screenshot:

Just press “Proceed anyway” or the equivalent in your browser, after which you will reach the login page.

Now you can login.

enjoy VestaCp


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