How man is mature in life

London comes a time in every man that is to be inserted into leaving early puberty, but most people do not know how they were grown?


Apparently the man reaches puberty, food, and human life is propelled through the same process, the role of genes in adult humans, a study found that it is very important.


There are 389 genes in each human being, which is important in adolescence, these genes are inherited from their parents encourage them.


If the genes in the human body, but they do not own but find it inherited from the family, which contributed to other things, including health, diseases, age, ability in the human body.


General Science The University of Cambridge Unit Medical Research Council, said in an article published in Nature (MRC) and the International ryprugyn consortium from the study showed that the 389 genes in male and female body there, they have a vital role to mature.


Most women in this study were reviewed adults, however, these genes are also men, who play an important role in his life.


During the study, scientists reviewed 3 lakh 70 thousand female data, this review was to help other women tystz including blood tests.


Experts reviewed the men and women’s jeans in more than 40 studies from the UK banks, which are detected during the 389 genes which play a role in purely puberty.


It is too early in the investigation showed that some girls or boys to adult may pose to other fatal diseases, including cancer and heart disease.


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Sex hormones are created from the problems in adult persons, which cause cancer of the breast in girls, while boys is prostate cancer.


According to the research Amateur sports guy who would mature ahead of time, they pose are most heart diseases.


According to experts, this research is incomplete, it is needed to complete the work.




Experts There will also review whether the mother or the jeans role in puberty move from the father, and also any special or separate roles of genes to be transferred from these two, or .


And that the genes to help adults are the most genes from the father or mother?


This research experts did not tell the boy or girl should be the right age to adult.

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