10 Best ever PHP learning / Programming Books 2017

Best 2017 PHP Books If you are looking for some ever best PHP Programming books then this list contain very useful for you books published in 2016 but you must have to learn these books. If you really interested want to learn Web Programming then you also need to get read some basic programming skills and red books as many as you can. As a Programmer I am also reading many programming books to increase my knowledge and write applications and give training to my team.

10 Best ever Books PHP learning Programming in 2017
PHP Programming books 2017

Learning programming language also help to you increase your knowledge and skills you can do different experiments try different technologies and implement in your upcoming web projects and you can also approve your old projects. Increase knowledge to make things better we are going to share a lost of great books in 2017 so you can also learn new technologies and good knowledge in future. If you have already good knowledge of PHP Programming then these books also give you a chance to learn new things for future to increase your knowledge and make yourself compatible with market.

1st Book PHP Web Services APIs Modern Web

Second book PHP Crash The Ultimate Beginner’s Course in Under 12 Hours

No. 3 book PHP MySQL in 8 Hours, PHP for Beginners, Learn PHP fast way! Fast & Easy, A Beginner’s Guide!

No. 4 book Integrating Web Services with OAuth and PHP A php[architect] complete guide

No. 5 book Learning PHP A Pain-Free Introduction to Building Interactive Websites complete guide

No. 6 book Learning PHP 7 High Performance improve

No. 7 book Learning WordPress REST API complete guide

No. 8 book The Programmer’s Guide to Apache Thrift complete guide

No. 9 book Practical Laravel 5 complete guide

No. 10 book PHP and MySQL Web Development (5th Edition) (Developer’s Library) complete guide

I hope you like these books best ever, please give us your feedback on this article.

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